Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts, an award-winning independent film and visual arts production company dedicated to responsible and culturally relevant productions representing the Pan-African Diaspora, announces the launch of its inaugural DJARFOGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. The 5-day international film festival will take place Tuesday, November 9 to 13, 2021, in Fogo, Cape Verde, West Africa.

We believe that every culture has its own stories and narratives, shared as entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and enlightenment of moral values. Storytelling is the artistic expression of humanity, and each story opens a window into the community to which it belongs.

DIFF is a non-profit organization under the City of Los Angeles, the State of California, and Cape Verde Islands. It incorporates an International Film Festival, Visual Arts Education, and Academic/Cultural Exchange program created in response to a need for courses in film studies that address the lack of representation of African filmmakers and creators in traditional film programs. We aim to awaken young Africans, Cape Verdeans, particularly Foguenses, to cinematographic art, providing the unique opportunity to learn the craft of visual storytelling.

DIFF focuses on cinematographic, visual media production, and live broadcasting. In addition, we provide training in film production, post-production, distribution, multiculturalism, and sustainable local development strategies. This program, promoted by a team of professionals in the fields of film production, education, culture, and the creative industries, promotes film screenings, workshops, masterclasses focused on digital cinema, and lectures related to the importance of the history and culture of Lusophone Africa focusing on the artistic, cultural potential of Cape Verde and a celebration of Fogo's history and culture.

DIFF will give all those who do not have access to traditional channels the opportunity to exhibit and distribute their cinematographic work and contribute to the formation of community awareness. With more than 530 films submitted, the event expects to screen more than 100 films and reach more than 35,000 spectators locally, and more than 200,000 people, including Cape Verdeans from the Diaspora, broadcast via live-streaming in 2021, making it one of the largest Cape Verde and C.P.L.P. film festivals.

DIFF aims to teach a free Visual Arts Education/Film Production course in all forms of filmmaking for the 'big' and 'little' screen, including documentaries, feature films, short films, programs for scripted and unscripted television, commercial and corporate to over 100 low-income students from Cape Verde, C.P.L.P., and around the world.

In addition, DIFF intends to promote the island of Fogo as part of the World Biosphere Reserve approved by UNESCO in 2020. We also have a sizeable cultural program and producing short films on traditional medicine, coffee, wine, music, dances, and elderly local stories. We donate all the movies made during DIFF to local museums, schools, and universities. They will also be screen online on "DjarFogo TV" and international film festivals worldwide.
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The DJARFOGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL intends to promote African Cinema as it plays a social, cultural, and economic role and possesses a high creative film-specific originality, bringing a fresh jive into world cinema. It also explores distribution and co-production opportunities and international film markets such as Durban FilmMart, European Film Market, and American Film Market.

Our primary goal is to connect Africa with its Diaspora by teaching a powerful program on visual storytelling and the film industry. Also, creating bonds of friendship with Cape Verde will allow for human and cultural exchanges between the various personalities and professionals present at the event. Also, to feature film directors, producers, artists, and people interested in bringing their vision and contribution to developing the film industry in Africa, including the Canary Islands, the Caribbean Islands, Australia, the Asia filmmaking community, and African Diaspora.




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