The Partners for DjarFogo International Film Festival

Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts
Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts
| Gordo Soul, L.L.C.
EDU/CaptVRAPires, Visual Artist | OB’ Media

Txan Film Productions & Visual Arts and its partners extend our great recognition to invite you and your organization to join us and become a V.I.P. member of DJÂRFOGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL by supporting and attending this event.

Local Partners
Ministry of Culture Creative Industry, Government of Cape Verde, Municipalities of the Brava, Praia, Fogo, Santo Antao, Boavista, Irmaos Correia, Lda, Zebra Travel, UniPiaget, Padre Pio Gottin Auditorium, Casas Do Sol, E.M.E., Casa das Bandeiras Foundation, Criatura Association/P.B.S., Humana Skala, Cape Verde Film and Audiovisual Association, Municipality of Praia, Pedro Pires Institute, Amílcar Cabral Foundation, R.T.C., Enapor, Portos de Cabo Verde, Braz Andrade/Hotel Vulcao, Hotel Santa Maria, Pensao Casa Mariza, Casa Danilo Montrond, Casa Aldindo Montrond, Casa Lavra/Cicilio Montrond, Casa Fernando, Village Portela, Casa Ramiro Montrond, Pensao Pedra Burkan, Kira's Boutique Hotel, Hotel Oasis, Hotel Santos Pina, Casa Aldino Cardoso, Orfeao da Praia, Qualitur, Lda, and Fogo Natural Park.

Embassy Partners
The U.S.A., Angola, Senegal, Cuba, Luxembourg, European Union, and Portuguese Cultural Center

International Partners
Silicon Valley African Film Festival, Mount Saint Mary's University/Hollywood Studios, Omni Entertainment, Pan African Film & Arts Festival, Fespaco, Olof Palme International Center, Actor, Activist, Producer Danny Glover, BadWest-Black Filmmakers West, Los Angeles City College, International Documentary Association, Boston Public Schools, Parklight Films Sydney, Real Ficcao, Lda, Camoes Institute, Nos Ku Nos Association, Boavista Consulting, Locarno Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Centro Afro Carioca, CinemAfrica, and African Asian Latin American Film Festival.

Media Partners
Radio France International, RTP Africa, KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles,
Radio Brockton FM, Radio Cairo, Radio Television of Cabo Verde, Praia FM, ASemana Newspaper, and Fogo Business Newspaper.

Fiscal Sponsor

From The Heart Productions, a nonprofit 501©3 Internal Revenue Code of 1954, a Production Company based in Los Angeles, California, US. FTHP will receive and administer all grant funding and donations received. All donations to the project are tax-deductible when payable to the From The Heart Productions

As a sponsor, your company will receive the following:
1- Display your logo and in-the-spot promo that plays before each movie.
2- Display the logo on the poster and the promotional materials of the DIFF.
3- Provide consultancy and collaborate in the Organization's cinematographic and audiovisual production.
4- Give access to unrestricted use of Txan Film's films for nonprofit screening.
5- Reference your Organization through press conferences.
6- Make available to the settlements deemed convenient by the parties as to the counterparts.

The​ ​DjarFogo International Film Festival has a fiscal sponsor, "Creative Visions Foundation," a nonprofit 501© 3 organization based in Malibu, California, U.S.A. All contributions to the DIFF are tax-deductible, and the Employer ID number is available upon request. Please Donate




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