Introduction to Workshop/Film Production & Visual Arts

Digital Filmmaking Program, 'Africa Film Lab/Filmmaking Mentorship (A.F.L.F.M.)' is an accelerated, hands-on workshop course designed to prepare students for a career in the film industry. A "brain-child" project by UNESCO, Txan Film and Associates developed and standardized the study course. This program, promoted by a team of professionals in the fields of film production, education, culture, and the creative industries, promotes film screenings, workshops, masterclasses focused on digital Cinema, and lectures related to the importance of the history and culture of Lusophone Africa focusing on the artistic, cultural potential of Cape Verde and a celebration of Fogo's history and culture. In addition, we will be producing short films on traditional medicine, coffee, wine, music, dances, cultural tourism, and elderly local stories 

Film Production/Media and Visual Arts Education

Digital Filmmaking Program, 'Digital Cinema' is structured around smaller groups wherein students learn to write, execute, produce, and edit their films. A group of taught by experienced instructors and professionals in various film productions, short and feature films. The students receive personalized lessons and extensive equipment training with the idea that at the end of each session, they will have the ability to initiate a movie project, create and produce a 'trailer/preview' to be evaluated by peers teachers competent filmmakers.
Visual Media Arts Education program focuses on cinematographic, visual media production, and live broadcasting. In addition, we provide training in film production, postproduction, distribution, multiculturalism, and sustainable local development strategies.

It seeks to awaken disadvantaged young Africans, particularly Cape Verdeans, to digital filmmaking, provide opportunities to learn the craft of visual narrative, record their stories, and get to know Cinema more deeply as the most crucial significant art.

Our primary goal is to connect Africa with its Diaspora by teaching a powerful program on visual storytelling and the film industry. Also, creating bonds of friendship with Cape Verde will allow for human and cultural exchanges between the various personalities and professionals present at the event.

Considering the importance of promoting academic and cultural exchange experiences, we will host films, filmmakers, students, and professors from Brazil, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, and Sao Tome and Principe. Also, students and professors from Boston Public Schools, Leominster High School, Los Angeles City College, Mount Saint Mary's University, Sonja H. Stone Center for Black Culture and History, N.C.U. (U.S.A.), the University of Santiago, University of Cape Verde, Lusophone University, Atlantic Technical University, and the all-High Schools of Cape Verde.

We aim to train over 100 low-income students from Cape Verde, C.P.L.P., and worldwide.

We donate all the films produced during DIFF to local museums, schools, and universities. They will also be screen online on "DjarFogo TV" and international film festivals worldwide.

We hope that sharing their collective history, values, and aspirations on film will contribute substantially to Africa, particularly African American and Cape Verde youth's self-esteem, validation, educate and entertain the broader community.

Program 5 days

Digital Filmmaking Program Cinema Digital

The course, will provide learn opportunity about the history of Cinema and to create:

  • 3 minutes, Audiovisual Language and Assembly.
  • 5 minutes, Fiction Film narrative.
  • 5 minute, Creation of Documentary.
  • 30, 45 and 60 seconds, Commercials using VFX (Visual and Sound Effects.)
  • 8-12 minutes, Movies Thesis from any genre.

Topics for Workshop/Masterclasses

  • What is a story and how tell stories? 

  • Pre-production, Production and Postproduction
  • Cinematography
and Sound
  • Producing/Directing

  • Three point Lighting and how to use it?
  • Lighting Techniques for: Television, Live event Film, and Video production
  • Visual Languages and why is important part of the storytelling?
  • What is a Non-linear Editing system?
  • Editing documentary and narrative films using: Avid, Adobe Premiere, and Final Cut Pro
  • Color grading, color correction
  • Distribution: Film Festivals & Cinema Rooms
  • Marketing Movies on Social Medias, Distribution and Finance



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